I must cask, what does it matter?

The whiskey experts of the world would tell you that the type of casks used on a whiskey can influence anywhere between 60% and 80% of the eventual flavour. The master cooper in any distillery is one of the most essential people in the production process. So why is that and what’s

Exciting times at Walsh whiskey distillery

With the dozens of planned new distilleries opening all over Ireland those of us with a passion for the amber spirit are in for a treat over the coming years. Unfortunately for the people of Wexford there are no plans to open a new distillery in the county at the moment, however, just over the Carlow border sits one of the most exciting new enterprises which is aiming to make a big name for itself in the whiskey world.

Islay, what have you got for me?

‘That tastes like they made it from an ashtray’. A good friend passed the glass back towards me and shook his head, disgusted. A ten year old glass of Ardbeg, costs roughly €70 a bottle and he almost spat it back at me. I could only laugh because as much as I liked it, I could totally see his point of view.